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    کیت شارژر کوپلر باتری ساختگی آداپتور برق متناوب ACK-E10 مشکی

    1,150,000 تومان 1,725,000 تومان
    Proficiently circuited to ensure efficient and stable transmission
    Profoundly articulated to serve a dual function
    Streamlined to exude lossless audio with exemplified charging
    Provide stable and continuous power supply for your camera
    Enables you to use external power source with your camera to achieve long time shooting

    پاوربانک شارژر خورشیدی دوگانه USB تاشو قابل حمل 12 واتی 10000 میلی آمپر ساعتی مشکی

    3,950,000 تومان
    High Efficiency: Built with 12W SunPower polysilicon solar panels, its maximum solar conversion efficiency is up to 22%. Great for providing power to charge two devices simultaneously while converting extra sunlight into energy and storing in the built-in battery.
    10000 mAh Battery Capacity: Internal 10000 mAh lithium polymer battery, rechargeable via solar panels, is ideal for charging your smartphones, tablets, GPS or other USB-enabled devices. With 4 LED lights to indicate battery levels.
    Dual USB Ports: Automatically detect your device and deliver the fastest possible charging speed up to 2.1 amps per port or 2.1 amps overall. During solar charging, it charges connected devices first.
    Foldable & Portable: Compact size and foldable design enable easy storage and carrying. Well-placed eyelets allow easy attachment to backpacks, trees, or tents.
    Safe & Reliable: Built-in over charging, over discharging, over current, and short circuit protection keep you and your devices safe.

    شارژر باتری دو کاناله جایگزین 12.2x11x3cm مشکی

    3,087,000 تومان
    Charge 2 piece electric power at the same time, highly efficient
    Detachable LP-E17 electric power plates suitable for Canon 750D 760D Rebel T6i T6s EOS M3/M5/M6/800D/77D camera
    Can charge 8.4/12.6/16.8V li-ion electric power of any capacity
    Offers with CC/CV charging modes and AC/DC/USB ports
    LCD display show electric power power level and charging status

    اینورتر موج سینوسی خالص DC به Ac آبی

    16,922,000 تومان 23,912,000 تومان
    Up to 1000 watt maximum capacity
    Pure Sine Wave out Put
    Input & Output Fully isolated desgin High efficiency 80~ 90% capable of driving high reactive & cap active loads at start moment
    Temperature controlled cooling fan Five protection Low Voltage Shut down High Voltage Shutdown Overload Protection Thermal protection Short Circuit Protection

    باتری 2 تکه Npf750 4800Mah برای نور ویدئویی LED و مانیتور 8 سانتی متر مشکی

    3,269,000 تومان

    شارژر باتری دیجیتال سریع دوگانه Dc03 برای Sony Np-F970 Fm50 16cm مشکی

    1,961,000 تومان

    باتری 2 تکه Npf970/960 10400Mah برای نور ویدئویی LED و مانیتور مشکی

    5,955,000 تومان 6,082,000 تومان

    باتری 2 تکه برای دوربین های فیلمبرداری Gopro Hero4 8 سانتی متر مشکی

    1,254,000 تومان

    کیت کوپلر جایگزین آداپتور برق ac برای Lpe12 18 سانتی متر مشکی

    2,170,000 تومان

    باتری و شارژر

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