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    مشاهده به عنوانن جدول فهرست
    مرتب سازی بر اساس
    نمایش در هر صفحه

    موچین نوک شیب با کیسه نقره ای

    1,226,000 تومان
    Compact design
    Smooth tips

    تیغ تاشو دقیق مشکی

    2,087,000 تومان 2,827,000 تومان

    موچین خاکستری با حجم دهنده مژه از جنس استنلس استیل 3D-6D

    2,932,000 تومان 4,427,000 تومان
    Better handle grip for eyelash makes it easy and convenient for you to use
    Suitable for all eye shapes, makes you eye lash curling more natural
    Compact design and portable Light weight

    مجموعه طراحان موچین کج سفید/سبز/صورتی

    2,800,000 تومان
    Designed for laser-like accuracy, while the artsy motif stands out
    Crafted from long-lasting stainless steel
    Graphic design is easy to spot in your makeup bag
    Slanted tips are designed for high-precision tweezing
    Perfectly aligned and ultra sharp, made with

    بسته 3 عددی Essential Slant Weezer Silver

    2,465,000 تومان
    Constructed of high-grade, anti-acid and non-corrosive material
    Cruises thin and sharp heads that makes it easy to pick
    Ideally perfected for nail art and eyelash extension activities

    بسته 6 عددی Essential Slant Weezer Silver

    4,691,000 تومان
    Unique slanted tweezer ergonomically designed for easy and accurate tweezing
    Professional quality stainless steel construction provides a strong grip
    Easily remove any unwanted hairs

    موچین دقیق بژ

    2,317,000 تومان
    Enables you to pluck even the finest facial hairs easily
    Well-contoured body lends a firm grip for precise control
    Compact form factor ensures easy storage and portability

    سولینگن 3 موچین لوپساید

    1,276,000 تومان

    ابزار موچین اکستنشن استیل 2 تکه نقره ای

    3,107,000 تومان


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