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    کیف های پوشاک

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    جعبه سازمان‌دهنده نایلونی قابل حمل صورتی/مشکی

    1,192,000 تومان
    Profoundly spaced that enables you to stash your must have essentials
    Decked with a sturdy exterior that withstands extensive utilisation
    Innovatively crafted straps avoid causing any strain on your shoulders

    کیف 4 تکه چند رنگ

    1,430,000 تومان
    Garment bags of different colors to hold your suits, jackets, shirts, tuxedos, etc
    Made of breathable non-woven fabrics, no odor, dustproof and mothproof
    Designed with a visible pvc window, which enables you to see through and pick clothes quickly
    Zip closure keeps all your things secure
    Weight is 0.288 kg

    کیف لوازم آرایش مسافرتی دو لایه مشکی

    1,771,000 تومان 1,794,000 تومان

    بالش گردن

    1,203,000 تومان

    کیف های پوشاک

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