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    بسته لوازم جانبی دوربین فوری 7 در 1 برای Fujifilm Instax Mini 9/8/8+ صورتی/سفید/زرد

    1,474,000 تومان 3,993,000 تومان
    PU construction of the case with soft microfiber inner offers optimum protection to the camera
    Sixty four pocket album allows to preserve your memories and protect the films from damage
    Colour lens set added in this bundle provides the best photographic effects
    Creative frames and stickers make the photo display vivid
    Built in level and quick level lock

    کیت نوار متقاطع پس زمینه قابل تنظیم مشکی

    1,533,000 تومان 2,921,000 تومان
    Robust aluminium-alloy construction ensures lasting use
    3-stage adjustable shaft allows for convenient height adjustment
    Designed with rubberised feet for enhanced stability
    Features 2 removable clamp teeth to securely hold the backdrop
    Carrying case features a small pocket to store various on-the-go essentials

    لنز گیره‌دار قابل جدا شدن با زاویه باز + چشم ماهی + لنز ماکرو با چوب سلفی و سه پایه چند رنگ

    2,117,000 تومان
    Perfect for long-range photo click with a 8x magnification camera lens
    Portable and durable, you can take photos with your devices at any time any where
    Make your short-sighted camera/phone into a telephoto with this tool

    لوازم جانبی 25 در 1 برای GoPro Hero 5/4 ست مشکی/زرد/قرمز

    2,117,000 تومان 2,653,000 تومان
    Wrist strap features 360°rotation helps you adjust your capture angle
    Provides you a broad range of motion and lets you enjoy adventure filming
    Mini tripod is compatible with smartphones, for maximum convenience
    Fully adjustable to fit a wide range of body types, stably capturing hands-free footage with sports cameras
    Perfect accessories for Xiaomi Yi, GoPro Hero 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Sj4000 and Sj5000

    کیت لوازم جانبی دوربین 14 در 1 صورتی

    1,755,000 تومان 1,863,000 تومان
    Camera case protect your camera away from unexpected scratches and dust
    Selfie lens help you to take selfie easier, 5 color filters will add outstanding styles to your photos
    You can diy photos with lovely film stickers and remark them
    Corner sticker will leave no mark to your photo, adorable sticker makes your camera cuter
    With various film frames, you can stick photos on album, place them on table or hang them on the wal

    ست فیلم مینی 10 تکه اینستاکس آبی آسمانی

    1,313,000 تومان 1,849,000 تومان
    Instant color film that is compatible for use with the instax mini series of cameras
    Film features vivid color reproduction with natural skin tones when used under daylight
    A refined grain structure provides high image sharpness and clarity
    Each sheet of film produces a glossy image area that is surrounded by a sky blue border
    Quick, instant developing is possible when working in temperatures between 41-104°f

    کیت لوازم جانبی دوربین اکشن ورزشی 50 در 1 برای GoPro Hero4 Hero 7, Hero 6 Hero 5 SJCAM Yi Action Camera Black

    1,820,000 تومان
    Ideal to be used on a smooth and ash-free surface like polished ceramic, glass, etc
    Premium quality material ensures durability
    Made of non-toxic material for a secure usability

    مجموعه لوازم جانبی 17 در 1 برای GoPro Hero 7/Hero 6/Hero 5/SJCAM Black

    2,680,000 تومان 3,698,000 تومان
    Easy to apply, remove and reuse without leaving damage or residue
    Ideal to be used on a smooth and ash-free surface like polished ceramic, glass, etc
    Premium quality material ensures durability
    Made of non-toxic material for a secure usability

    کاور باد خزدار میکروفون مشکی

    1,339,000 تومان
    Artificial fur is specially designed so as to minimize wind noise
    Products are used in studio and location sound recording along with live sound reinforcement
    Outfitted with a host of interfaces for enhanced transmission
    Proficiently anchored to offer a higher level of functionality and efficiency
    Helps you filter the noise to get a clear record

    بسته های لوازم جانبی

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