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    Fashion Corduroy Long Sleeve Blazer Black

    3,493,000 تومان
    Elegant design provides an easy to dress up and create your style
    Breathable fabric provides a comfortable feel to your skin
    Feature with multiple pockets for added utility and convenience to store small things
    Comes with single breasted closure
    Shoulder size is 42 cm
    Bust size is 94 cm
    Blazer length is 69 cm
    Sleeve length is 61 cm

    Fashion Corduroy Long Sleeve Blazer Khaki

    4,702,000 تومان
    Tailored in the finest quality fabric for utmost comfort
    Colourfast design avoids fading or bleeding of dyes
    Timeless craftsmanship and premium clothing enhances your look
    Reinforced hem lends a neat finish
    Lightweight construction permits regular usage without compromising on fit

    Fashion Corduroy Blazer Light Blue

    5,456,000 تومان
    Features simple and classical design
    Provides an easy to dress up and create your own style

    Knitted Ultra Slim Blazer Light Grey

    6,977,000 تومان
    Soft cotton build offers long-wearing comfort
    Long sleeves keep you warm and cosy
    Dual side mock flap over pockets for added appeal

    Knitted Ultra-Slim Long Sleeve Blazer Dark Grey

    6,977,000 تومان
    One button closure design gives stylish and fashionable look
    Comfy and flattering on all body types
    Features a stretchy and lightweight fabrics
    Comes with a turn down collar
    Colourfast design avoids fading or bleeding of dyes

    Collared Neck Blazer Cloud Burst

    13,258,000 تومان

    Classic Design Stand Alone Blazer Deep taupe

    13,258,000 تومان

    یقه ایستاده بلیزر یکدست مشکی

    6,309,000 تومان 13,287,000 تومان

    Mark Classic Solid Blazer Medium Grey

    4,237,000 تومان 8,595,000 تومان


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