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    شلوار راحتی

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    طرح کلاسیک شلوار مشکی

    3,302,000 تومان

    3 تیکه شلوار سروال بلند سفید

    2,377,000 تومان
    Made with high quality materials for durability and longevity
    Designed to ensure breath ability and comfort
    Features a roll resistant waistband for a secure fit

    اسکینی فیت چینوس بژ

    3,144,000 تومان 5,257,000 تومان
    Dual side slip-in pockets
    Visible pull-ring zipper fly
    Light stretch
    Inseam length measures approx. 72 cm
    Model is 187cm/6'1" and is wearing a Size M

    سجاف باریک تا شده Chinos Beige

    3,302,000 تومان 5,521,000 تومان
    Superior quality fabric ensures long-lasting comfort
    Offers the perfect balance of casual comfort Carefully stitched to lend a neat finish
    Designed to accentuate your style statement
    Smart and stylish addition to your wardrobe
    Crafted elegantly, it lends the perfect touch of fashion vibe to your overall look

    شلوار جیب جانبی Bryan IV مشکی

    4,464,000 تومان

    شلوار DEVIN IV سفید/مشکی

    5,547,000 تومان

    برایان ششم شلوار ورزشی با دستبند نیروی دریایی

    5,547,000 تومان

    شلوار ورزشی پایه آبی

    4,491,000 تومان
    Attuned with highest quality fabric which renders utmost relaxation
    Carefully stitched to lend a neat finish
    Colourfast design avoids fading or bleeding of dyes

    شلوار Chinos کلاسیک خاکستری تیره

    2,351,000 تومان 3,936,000 تومان
    Fabric has elastane added for a great fit
    Regular fit ensures utmost comfort all day long and is easy to maintain

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