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    کوله پشتی لپ تاپ پرو متناسب با سایز 15.6 اینچ مشکی

    1,454,000 تومان
    Shock-absorbing EVA foam protects your laptop from impact
    Padded top handle for easy handling and portability
    Air mesh back panel for convenient carrying
    Exterior zipper pocket for storage of instant accessible essentials
    Zippered, water resistant, shockproof, foam padding and EVA padding

    کیف لپ تاپ چرمی ضروری - 15.6 اینچی مشکی

    1,568,000 تومان
    Features padded compartments for your laptops and other electronic items
    Zippered front pocket to keep your phone, keys and cards
    Comfortable handle enables easy carrying
    Fits up to 14-inch laptops
    Equipped with a zipper closure that allows you to open the bag quickly

    Dell Pro Sleeve 15 اینچی - آستین نوت بوک مشکی

    1,318,000 تومان 2,272,000 تومان
    water resistant materials prevent damage
    Lightweight and comfortable design
    Superb functionality for easy transport
    Fits 15" laptops

    ماوس و صفحه کلید نوری Km636 مشکی

    3,158,000 تومان 3,385,000 تومان
    Best looking combo for home and office
    Spill resistant keys to ensure multi-tasking while you enjoy your drink as well
    Ambidextrous mouse perfect for both your left and right hand

    صفحه کلید بی سیم و ماوس ترکیبی KM636 مشکی

    2,613,000 تومان
    Give your workspace a modern appearance with a stylish wireless keyboard and mouse
    Easily navigate Windows 8/10 tiles with a mouse wheel that can scroll up, down, left or right
    Full-size keyboard with responsive chiclet keys makes typing comfortable, while multimedia shortcut keys provide quick access to audio and video functions
    Point and click with precision using the fast-tracking, full-size laser mouse
    The compact USB nano receiver allows unobstructed access to your remaining USB ports for easy connection to other devices

    هارد دیسک نقره ای چیتا 6G SAS

    12,354,000 تومان
    Engineered specifically for the extreme demands of high temperature
    Drives are built utilizing the tried and true proven technology of the original award-winning
    Drives are available in a full range of performance features

    منبع تغذیه رومیزی برای Dell OptiPlex Silver

    6,603,000 تومان
    Features an input range from 110V to 240V to ensure optimal energy efficiency
    240W output to ensure seamless compatibility with various sockets
    Uniquely designed to offer maximum safety for your critical system components
    Compact form factor provides enhanced storage and portability options
    Compatible with Dell Optiplex 3040, 5040 and 7040

    مانیتور 19.5 اینچی Full HD مشکی

    11,005,000 تومان
    Provides stunning image quality and sharp details with high display resolution
    Ideal for everyday tasks, while ComfortView is ready for extended viewing periods
    Reduces up to 60 percent of harmful blue light emissions
    Make your workspace your own with VESA-compatible mounts and stands
    Save energy with PowerNap, a feature that dims or puts the monitor to sleep when not in use

    مادربرد Dell Optiplex 3010 سبز/نقره ای

    6,823,000 تومان
    Provides users the most comprehensive features and the fastest and smoothest work experience
    Offers fast data transmission rate and convenient connection of USB devices
    Delivers unwavering stability for gaming sessions that last as long as you demand


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