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    رژ لب مایع Rouge Ultra Care 760 Diorette

    8,308,000 تومان
    Blendable formulation instantly gives various looks without any hassles
    Hydrates your lips and provides a healthy glow
    Prevents dryness and skin irritation

    Eden-Roc EDP 125ml

    28,213,000 تومان
    Fragrances in an elegant, classic style always enjoy great success
    The soft and sensual scent makes it an alluring choice
    Fragrance lasts after being applied

    دئودورانت استیک ساواژ 75 گرم

    4,523,000 تومان 7,841,000 تومان
    A subtly scented alcohol-free formula that reveals the fresh and woody notes of Sauvage
    Gentle lasting protection that is soft on skin
    Ambroxan, derived from precious ambergris, unleashes a powerfully woody trail

    Spice Blend EDP 125ml

    26,923,000 تومان

    Rouge Couture Color Powder Blush 028 بازیگر زن

    10,491,000 تومان
    Create a beautiful, glamorous look
    Provides the perfect finishing touch to your makeup
    Features a weightless texture that blends easily

    کپچر 15 میلی‌لیتر درمان پیشرفته چشم با سن جوانی کپچر

    10,567,000 تومان
    Helps repair damaged skin cells while enhancing their immunity
    Blended with licorice extract to reduce dark circles
    Features a gel-like texture that delivers instant moisture

    میست مو جادور 30 میلی لیتر

    8,308,000 تومان
    Fragrance can add elegance and confidence to your personality
    Aromatic scent is appropriate for any daytime activities
    Apply a small amount for a long lasting scent
    Keeping your style in place all day
    Enables hair to stay soft, smooth and free from frizz

    Miss Dior Silky Body Mist 100.55ml

    9,139,000 تومان 11,631,000 تومان

    Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT 100ml

    12,981,000 تومان


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