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    کرم دور چشم فعال کننده پیشرفته Genifique Youth Clear

    3,139,000 تومان
    Features a lightweight gel-like texture that blends into the eye area with a soft, velvety finish
    Helps to strengthen and protect skin's moisture barrier around the delicate eye area
    Gentle formula does not cause any irritation
    Protects the skin against the signs of wrinkles and anti aging

    Tresor EDT 50ml

    6,016,000 تومان
    Available notes are rose, lilac, lily of the valley, iris, heliotrope

    O D'azur EDT 75ml

    4,752,000 تومان
    Long lasting effect will keep you refreshed all day long

    کرم دور چشم Advanced Youth Activating Moothing 15ml

    6,222,000 تومان
    Features a gel-like texture that delivers instant moisture
    Developed with advanced optical technology for brightening action
    Visibly reduces the signs of fatigue and fine lines around the fragile eye contour
    Has anti wrinkle feature

    میست موی خوشگل 30 میلی لیتر

    5,232,000 تومان

    کانسیلر پرو پالت قهوه ای

    3,529,000 تومان 3,715,000 تومان
    Highly pigmented particles ensure a sculpted colour pay-off
    Blends effortlessly to impart a natural glow to your cheeks
    Carefully composed to feel light and remain crease-free

    ریمل 2 عددی Cils Booster XL مشکی

    4,029,000 تومان
    Instantly amplifies lash length while preventing clumping, flaking and smudging
    Leaves lashes looking full and voluptuous for a dramatic look
    Buildable formula provides flawless coverage from root to tip

    Life Is Beautiful L'eclat EDT 50ml

    3,406,000 تومان

    مراقبت از چشم Absolue Yeux Premium BX Regenerating and Replenishing Eye 20ml

    14,812,000 تومان
    Revives the natural radiance of the skin around eyes
    Reduce inflammation and irritation and protect your delicate eye skin
    Diminish unwanted eye area concerns like dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles


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