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    لپ تاپ 15.6 اینچی شهری T530 خاکستری

    2,930,000 تومان
    High Quality, Durable and Water Repellent Fabric : This backpack features in durable snow yarn polyester fabric
    A fully adjustable shoulder straps make it comfortable for all-day use.
    very attractive and perfect for college, school, travel and outdoor activities

    قاب آستین شهری لپ تاپ 13 اینچی خاکستری زغالی

    1,855,000 تومان
    Water-resistant and stylish polyester outer material for durability
    Protective design that's armored with rubber bumpers on each corner to keep your laptop safe from accidental drops
    Cushioned under zippers to protect from scratches

    صفحه کلید و ماوس ترکیبی بی سیم مشکی

    1,895,000 تومان
    Best looking combo for home and office
    Spill resistant keys to ensure multi-tasking while you enjoy your drink as well
    Ambidextrous mouse perfect for both your left and right hand

    ست کیبورد و ماوس بی سیم مشکی

    2,513,000 تومان 3,091,000 تومان
    Sleek, wireless design reduces office clutter
    Ergonomically shaped keyboard with adjustable feet elevates into your natural typing style
    Thoughtfully designed mouse gives a firm grip to your palm while using
    Spill proof keyboard with smoother and more comfortable keys
    Battery life is 12 months with one AA battery

    USB-C 3-in-1 Simple Plug And Play Travel Hub White

    2,661,000 تومان
    Features a compact design and is easy to transport anywhere
    Seamless integration with the dedicated device to assure smooth functionality
    Implementation of latest technology in the designing to assure matchless performance

    صفحه کلید بی سیم موس ترکیبی مشکی

    1,855,000 تومان 1,868,000 تومان
    The drive to win is especially strong in gamers
    Convenient multimedia keys let you easily access functions such as play, pause, rewind and fast-forward plus volume control
    Designed to keep your hands in the natural resting position

    ماوس بیومتریک USB سیمی مشکی

    2,836,000 تومان
    Offers superb input functionality with an integrated fingerprint sensor for password-free authentication
    Features 1600 DPI resolution with an optical sensor for precise tracking
    Ambidextrous mouse perfect for both your left and right hand
    Log in to Windows instantaneously with one-touch biometric verification
    Delivers solid protection against intrusion with 256-bit encryption

    ست کیبورد و ماوس 300 کابل USB مشکی

    1,532,000 تومان
    Island-style keys and quiet keystrokes give you a typing experience like no other
    600 DPI optical sensor ensures you’ll be smoothly gliding from window-to-window
    Full-size ambidextrous mouse for easy movement and control
    A modern, space-saving design giving your desk a clean and stylish appeal
    Ergonomic design for all-day comfort at your fingertips

    530 ماوس بی سیم گرافیت خاکستری

    1,747,000 تومان 2,124,000 تومان
    Maximum batteries capacity 1xaa
    Responsive and clear tracking with 1200 DPI resolution optical sensor
    Powered by 2.4 GHz wireless technology with nano USB receiver
    Slip the lightweight mouse into a carrying case and enjoy more flexibility on the go


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