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    کیبورد بی سیم KeyMate-3 با مجموعه ماوس مشکی

    1,113,000 تومان
    Full-sized wireless keyboard and mouse with whisper quite low-profile keys
    Ergonomic, sleek and comfortable design with stable connection
    Features high responsiveness mouse and Full QWERTY sized keyboard
    5-Key mouse for more controls with 3 adjustable DPI switch
    Features In-Built Auto-Sleep function with wrist rest panel

    پایه فن خنک کننده بی صدا سبک وزن با نگهدارنده داخلی موبایل/تبلت، دو درگاه USB، سطح ضد لغزش و ارتفاع قابل تنظیم برای لپ تاپ تا 17 اینچ، AirBase-6 خاکستری

    2,155,000 تومان 3,385,000 تومان
    Ultra-Quiet Fans with Adjustable Speed and LED Indicator
    Adjustable Height for Convenience and Comfort
    Built-in Stand for your Smartphone or Tablet
    Stylish Aluminium Stand
    Anti-Slip Surface and Adjustable Height for Laptop up to 17 Inch

    پایه لپ تاپ آلومینیومی، پایه نوت بوک تهویه شده چند سطحی ارگونومیک قابل حمل با دستگیره سیلیکونی ضد لغزش و طراحی چند زاویه ای قابل تنظیم برای لپ تاپ های تا 17 اینچ خاکستری

    1,768,000 تومان 3,385,000 تومان
    Features a sturdy stance and is easy to grab
    Elevates your laptop so that the screen is at eye level
    Made of tough materials, it is environment friendly and durable
    DeskMate-4 is the result of a process of product development work rooted in ergonomic working best practice
    Silicone Pads are instalLED to protect your laptop from any potential scratches as well as keeping your laptop firmly seated when typing

    پایه لپ‌تاپ آلومینیومی، پایه لپ‌تاپ قابل حمل ارگونومیک چند سطحی تهویه‌شده با دستگیره سیلیکونی ضد لغزش و طراحی چند زاویه‌ای قابل تنظیم برای لپ‌تاپ‌های تا 17 اینچ نقره‌ای

    1,727,000 تومان
    Solid Aluminium Construction
    Heat Dissipation Cooling Function
    Ultra-Portable and Foldable Design
    Sleek, Modern Design Complements your Device
    Portable Ergonomic Multi-Level Ventilated Notebook Stand with Non-Skid Silicon Grip and Adjustable Multi-Angle Design for Laptops up to 17 Inches

    هاب 7 پورت USB 3.0، پورت آلیاژ آلومینیوم قابل حمل USB 3.0 هاب با انتقال داده 5 گیگابیت در ثانیه و آداپتور برق USB-C برای MacBook، iMac، لپ تاپ، درایو فلش USB، هارد دیسک HDD، EZHub-7 Gray

    1,795,000 تومان 2,352,000 تومان
    Turn one of your computer's USB ports into seven USB 3.0 ports to sync & charge at the fastest speeds.
    A reinforced built-in cable, sturdy exterior and heat-resistant connectors give this hub incredible durability.
    USB-A interface with an additional USB-C adapter boosts the performance of this powerful hub
    EZhub-7 is perfect for peripherals like USB 3.0 hard drives, digital and video cameras and high-resolution webcams
    It is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices.

    کیف دوربین DSLR مشکی

    1,795,000 تومان 1,881,000 تومان
    Adjustable shoulder strap allows for a customised fit
    Soft padded handle offers ease and comfort in carrying the bag
    Special ultra-light rip-stop nylon material ensures long-lasting use
    Quick-release buckle provides quick access to your camera or other accessories
    Dedicated camera compartment with removable padded dividers hold up to one DSLR camera and two lenses

    کیف مسنجر دوربین DSLR با بند شانه مشکی

    1,272,000 تومان 2,692,000 تومان
    Adjustable padded divider is included for interior flexibility and customization
    Protect your camera's screen and lens from nicks and scratches
    Ensures a comfortable fit, no matter how strap is placed, left shoulder, right shoulder, facing up or down

    پایه لپ تاپ و گوشی هوشمند تاشو 2 در 1 با پایه مشکی قابل چرخش 360 درجه

    1,568,000 تومان 3,612,000 تومان
    Intuitive 2-in-1 Smart Laptop Stand
    Ventilated Platform for Cooling
    Compatible with Range of Laptops

    لوازم جانبی Vlogging All-In-One با پایه مشکی/خاکستری/قرمز

    5,613,000 تومان 10,983,000 تومان
    Features 3 LED colour modes and 3000K-5000K colour temperature
    Offers a 10W power capacity
    Provides 2 stand sections with 3.5mm microphone connector
    Renders microphone impedance of 2.2kΩ and microphone cable length of 180cm
    Features -30dB±3dB of microphone sensitivity and 50Hz -16KHz of microphone frequency response


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