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    Divecat V2 Sandals Slippers Slippers مشکی/سفید

    1,112,000 تومان 2,043,000 تومان
    Moulded and textured footbed and eva sole for comfort
    Featuring a double-density construction with soft and lightweight water resistant slide
    Serves as an ideal accessory for casual wear
    Decked with sleek, water-resistant with snug strap
    Puma detail on either side of slide

    تی شرت هودی ACE Varsity مشکی/سفید

    3,814,000 تومان 6,158,000 تومان
    Mesh panel inserts for breathability
    Puma signature branding print
    Soft and stretchable polyester blend fabric
    Carefully stitched to lend a neat finish
    Colourfast design avoids fading or bleeding of dyes

    شلوار ساق بلند باریک سرولین

    2,861,000 تومان 4,768,000 تومان
    Combines lightweight and breathable material with flexibility
    Drycell technology wicks sweat away to keep skin dry
    Elasticated waist for adjustable fit
    Colourfast design avoids fading or bleeding of dyes
    Carefully knitted to prevent fraying or shredding promoting long-term usage

    رز عروس آستین بلند آلفا مخملی

    1,816,000 تومان 4,541,000 تومان
    Feature with dual side easy slip-in pockets
    Made from rich, velvet-feel poly-cotton blend fabric
    Designed to accentuate your style statement
    Front zipper closure offers snug comfortable fit
    Unique technology eliminates the risk of moisture-related irritation

    لباس مشکی آلفا فلیس

    2,724,000 تومان 4,541,000 تومان
    Rich poly-cotton blend fabric with fleece lining
    Ribbed round neck and short raglan sleeves
    High-low hem style with dual side slits
    Carefully stitched to lend a neat finish
    Colourfast design avoids fading or bleeding of dyes

    تیشرت آلفا فلیس رز عروس

    2,724,000 تومان 4,541,000 تومان
    Tailored in the finest quality fabric for utmost comfort
    T-shirt is well constructed and lightweight and feels gentle on skin
    Crafted out of soft material for ultimate all-day comfort and style
    Colourfast design avoids fading or bleeding of dyes
    Makes you look stylish and provides complete freedom of movement

    تی شرت پنبه ای سیسمونی مشکی/سفید

    1,294,000 تومان 2,157,000 تومان
    Offers the perfect balance of charming style and casual comfort
    Designed to accentuate your style statement
    Carefully stitched to lend a neat finish
    Superior quality fabric ensures long-lasting comfort
    Good air circulation that ventilates the body to prevent overheating

    تی شرت OG آستین کوتاه مشکی

    2,838,000 تومان 4,745,000 تومان
    Embroidered Puma signature branding in front
    Features dropped shoulder seams
    Lightweight construction permits regular usage without compromising on comfort
    Smooth and soft texture prevents causing any irritation to the skin
    Soft fabric ensures optimum air circulation

    لباس آستین کوتاه آلفا کلاهدار مشکی/سفید

    3,383,000 تومان 5,477,000 تومان
    Made with poly-cotton blend fabric with french terry lining
    Single pouch pocket with dual side openings
    Signature branding makes it classy
    Elegant stitch and solid colors make this hoodie a perfect formal and casual wear
    Lends the perfect touch of fashion vibe to your overall look


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