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    کرم خط چشم کاغذی لایت Namiki سبز روشن 302

    2,921,000 تومان 4,406,000 تومان
    Highly pigmented colours blend perfectly for flawless coverage
    Double-ended blending brush ensures easy and precise application
    It features an ultra soft texture that is silky to the touch

    خط چشم کرم لایت کاغذی 705 هیسوی سبز

    2,921,000 تومان 7,347,000 تومان
    Pigmented creamy formula that glides on dries down quickly for a long-lasting and smudge-proof matte finish
    Vibrant cream eye colour with a matte, translucent finish
    Perfect for professional salon, wedding, party and home use

    کرم دور چشم کاغذی روشن شوبو بنفش

    3,377,000 تومان 7,584,000 تومان
    A vibrant cream eye colour with a matte, translucent finish
    Can be applied for a delicate, feather light finish or layered for a bolder, more saturated pigment
    Adheres well and delivers a beautiful even finish
    Creates a finish as natural or bold as you choose

    کرم بی بی آبرسان کامل

    7,373,000 تومان 11,917,000 تومان
    Prevents makeup from creasing or wearing off from the skin
    Ideal to boost your appearance effectively
    Waterproof formula ensures all-day comfortable and smudge-free wear

    پک دوقلو Senka Perfect Whip

    3,216,000 تومان

    کرم محافظ فیوچر سولوشن LX Total Protective With SPF20 50ml

    22,110,000 تومان 27,864,000 تومان
    SkingenecellEnmei helps visibly restore and prolong skin’s beauty
    Sansho Extract helps encourage skin’s natural self-protective Daytime Defense for vibrant-looking beauty
    Uji Green Tea Extract helps provide antioxidant benefits
    Oshima Sakura Leaf Extract helps promote a fresh, bright look
    Hokkaido Angelica Root Extract helps reveal skin with a youthful appearance

    پرایمر مات بدون منافذ Waso

    5,387,000 تومان
    Minimizes shine, prevents oil from disturbing your makeup and makes the foundation last longer
    Satin-smooth formula mattifies and creates smooth, flawless skin
    Mattifies on your skin perfectly, minimizes shine and keeps excess oil at bay

    لوسیون نرم کننده متعادل کننده غلیظ Future Solution LX 150ml

    17,562,000 تومان 17,914,000 تومان
    Lotion moisture immediately into the skin to help target visible signs of aging for a youthful look
    Dramatically refines skin texture and minimizes the appearance of pores
    Brightening ingredient 4MSK helps visibly enhance radiance to give skin a brighter look
    Hokkaido angelica root extract help promote the appearance of renewed vitality


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